Michelle Winters

Shortlisted for the 2017 Giller Prize. 

"The wonder-packed drama of I Am a Truck plays itself out in the impossible intersection of a Coen brothers movie, a James M. Cain novel and a Looney Tunes feature. Michelle Winters has created a fresh novel overflowing with mystery, emotional complexity and a new and welcome breed of goofy charm.” – Stuart Ross, author of Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew

"Winters does a lot on the page and packs a great deal of charm into this trim, very human little book. In fact, it is Winters's economical knack for the short story that shines through; she's got a talent for beautifully vivid (and occasionally absurd) details, and sets a quick pace from scene to scene. And though there is a great deal of the mundane day to day here, somehow Winters makes magic with it." - The Globe and Mail

“This fast-paced, quirky, heartwarming and hilarious novel captures the fast and loose crossovers of language and culture that make southeast New Brunswick unique.” – Geist Magazine

"...a detective story, wrapped in a love story, wrapped in a portrait of a part of French Canada that is unlike any other region in the country." - Matrix Magazine